VipmodelNata – Olga the d*g eats from a bowl

Hi guys. ***ay in the video you will see Olga, an abandoned d*g) Olya decided to play a d*g ***ay and eat her shit from a bowl. In general, you will see a d*g thrown on a chain. The owner or mistress left and tied her, ordered her to wait. But as time went on, no one came for the d*g, she was hungry and wanted to play. The d*g had two phalos nearby and she decided to entertain herself. Olga walked on all fours and showed her big ass, wagging it. Then she went to one phalos and fucked him in the pussy, went to another and fucked him in the ass. But during the game, the d*g got hungry. She took a bowl and gave a shit and poured into it, because she really wanted to eat. Olga the d*g ate her shit from her own d*g bowl. She ate and walked around the bowl, wiggling her big ass. So, while waiting for her master, Olga played and ate! I hope you enjoy this game and come back to see it again. Enjoy your viewing and we look forward to your comments on this story!
Olga the d*g eats from a bowl
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