VipmodelNata – Olga fucks, eats shit from the vagina

Good day, our fans. In this video, Olga again makes very erotic games. All this is exclusive and only with us) Olga is on the bed, she will play with her shit ***ay and, as always, not everything is so simple with her. Olga wants to give you the most exclusive and most erotic videos and always does it with great pleasure and with the thought of you. She knows that you will come and definitely buy this video because you love her. In the video, Olga is on her back, she first opens her pussy and a warm fountain of urine erupts from her. Then she bends her legs and shits, ***ay her shit is quite hard and comes out with a thick sausage)) apparently Olga was preparing for such filming in advance and ate certain food. Then she put on medical gloves and took shit, she stuffed shit into her vagina and fucked herself anally. Olga reached orgasm, but this was not enough, she spewed shit from her vagina and ate it. Sometimes it was difficult for her and it seemed that she was about to vomit everything out, but everything worked out and Olga was satisfied. She fucked herself and ate shit. you have to see it because it is very sexy and erotic! Have a nice day, our dear and beloved fans!
Olga fucks, eats shit from the vagina
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VipmodelNata – Shit in yellow nylon tights

Greet everyone. Another video for you ***ay. In this video, I am wearing yellow nylon tights. I posed in the room, moved around and showed my big ass in pantyhose. Then I pissed and posed in wet tights. Then I also gave a shit and also posed in dirty tights. Sit down with his dirty ass on the floor and get up and sit down again and so the shit was smeared on the ass more and more. Enjoy watching everyone!
Shit in yellow nylon tights
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VipmodelNata – Olga’s liquid shit on the phalos

Good day, everyone. ***ay I am adding another film with Olga’s participation to our store. In this video, Olga has not yet shaved her pussy, she is hairy. Olga plays with her rubber phaloss. She put him on the floor and Olga pissed and shit on the phalos. The shit this morning was runny and slid down the phalos to the floor. Olga sat on the phalos and fucked herself in anal sex. She fucked completely driving a thick phalos. Olga loves to fuck her ass and feel thick dildos in it. Olga fucked herself and smeared liquid shit on her big ass. I would really like to know your opinion on who likes Olga’s cunt more, hairy or shaved? We will be happy to hear your wishes and will fulfill them in our videos. We are waiting for your comments . Happy viewing . Be the first to get another exclusive movie in your collection!
Olga's liquid shit on the phalos
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VipmodelNata – Tit bondage and smear shit

Hi everyone. In this video, Olga made herself a bondage. I have said before that she is looking for more and more adventures and ways to have fun. Now she uses tit bondage. Olga loves BDSM games and will continue to use different techniques from this topic. So do not miss or miss the video with Olga, you must collect the entire collection of her films, because they are beautiful. And so Olga took off her robe, and underneath the bondage. Olga shit on the table and then smeared shit on the table with her boobs. Olga also leaned against the corners of the table and masturbated her pussy with the corners of the table) This whore makes such cool videos from which you want to jerk off again and again. Don’t feel sorry for your cock, give it the opportunity to get horny again and again and have a wonderful weekend!
Tit bondage and smear shit
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VipmodelNata – My new jeans in shit and piss

Hi guys. Olga bought new jeans and she immediately shot a video for you, and especially our favorite constant fan is waiting for him, he helped Olga buy these jeans, pushed her to do the impossible, so to speak, possible))) So Olga pissed and shit into new jeans and posed in the room showing myself to you. Enjoy the video from OLGA and be happy on your day off!
My new jeans in shit and piss
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VipmodelNata – Liquid shit in my Olga shorts

Good day, our dear and beloved fans. In this video you will see how Olga gave a shit with liquid diarrhea in her pink shorts. Olga was in the room, she was wearing shorts and socks. She stood with straight legs and let the shit out of her ass. Her rolls were squeezed and the shit still spilled over her legs, as it was runny. Then Olga showed her dirty legs in liquid shit, her dirty ass when she took off her shorts. Beautiful and exclusive, as always, video from Olga. Enjoy watching!
Liquid shit in my Olga shorts
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VipmodelNata – Olga changes diaper in the fitting room

Good day, our dear friends and fans. Olga made this video at your request. I understand that you really liked the way Olga walks in dirty diapers. In this video, Olga put on a clean diaper at home and went for a walk. She filmed as she walked around the city, then in the park on a bench, she took a shit in a diaper and sat on it. Then she went to the fitting room. Olga tried on pants in a dirty diaper, and then took it off. It was so exciting and scary. So that no one from the staff suddenly looked inside the booth and decided to help her, especially since the smell was incredible. Warm shit evaporated and Olga did not wrap the diaper right away. She showed her dirty ass and then wrapped the diaper and put it in the bag. Olga tried on jeans again and only then got dressed and left the clothing store. Olga went to the trash can and threw the diaper into the trash. You will see all this in this video. You will definitely love this! Enjoy watching! Olga is waiting for your comments!
Olga changes diaper in the fitting room
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VipmodelNata – Red tights in shit

Good day to all. Another video from Olga for you, my dear friends and fans of our creativity and our exclusive works. Let many of our videos are distributed illegally on the Internet, but we are still grateful to you, to those who come to our store and buy videos here, we are grateful to you for your dedication and generosity. We love you and always want to cheer you up … and not only your mood … with our videos) In this video Olga is in red nylon tights, she found the time and still bought colored tights for the video. Now you will see her in red tights. She pissed and shit in them and posed in front of the camera in dirty tights, periodically taking them off and showing her dirty ass. Enjoy videos from Olga and wait for new ones every day!
Red tights in shit
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VipmodelNata – Olga in liquid shit

Hello friends. Another video from Olga. Something happened inside her and she felt. that her stomach is seething and there will soon be an explosion))) She suspected that the shit would come out of her again, perhaps yesterday she ate something fat and therefore her stomach behaved like that ***ay. Olga knelt down and opened her hole for the exit. But the shit didn’t just come out, it spilled out of her. Yes, she really understood correctly that there would be an explosion and therefore set the camera so that you would see it too. A fountain of liquid shit burst out and spilled on the floor. Then Olga began to smear herself with liquid shit and urine from the floor. She did not take off her beautiful mesh tunic and smeared both her body and her tunic. the smell was incredibly smelly, but this bitch loves such smells and it turns her on. Watch and enjoy it ***ay. It’s beautiful and exciting)
Olga in liquid shit
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VipmodelNata – My next February morning

Good day, my beloved friends. In this video you will see my another day in the toilet. I went in, brushed my teeth and undressed. I like how you watch my videos, I like showing you my everyday life. You know that my family is outside my door, and I’m filming for you. I love extreme and am very worried that my husband would not find out about our secret with you. I am very glad to be with you whenever I have the opportunity. And so I brushed my teeth and undressed, I sat down on the toilet, pissed, pissed and poured, there was a lot of it, and I was standing over the toilet, then shit came out, ***ay it was soft and the smell was very sharp. I had to stand for a long time as the shit came out and came out. I showed you the result of what ended up in the toilet. I myself did not expect this))) it was super) Then I wiped my ass with paper and showed you all this on camera. I washed my ass in a bidet and put on clean linen, you can see all this! Enjoy your viewing, my secret lover!
My next February morning
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