VipmodelNata – Olga changes diaper in the fitting room

Good day, our dear friends and fans. Olga made this video at your request. I understand that you really liked the way Olga walks in dirty diapers. In this video, Olga put on a clean diaper at home and went for a walk. She filmed as she walked around the city, then in the park on a bench, she took a shit in a diaper and sat on it. Then she went to the fitting room. Olga tried on pants in a dirty diaper, and then took it off. It was so exciting and scary. So that no one from the staff suddenly looked inside the booth and decided to help her, especially since the smell was incredible. Warm shit evaporated and Olga did not wrap the diaper right away. She showed her dirty ass and then wrapped the diaper and put it in the bag. Olga tried on jeans again and only then got dressed and left the clothing store. Olga went to the trash can and threw the diaper into the trash. You will see all this in this video. You will definitely love this! Enjoy watching! Olga is waiting for your comments!
Olga changes diaper in the fitting room
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