VipmodelNata – Shit hovers in the cold in jeans

Hello our beloved. ***ay is a video from our beloved friend Olga. Olenka is again in extreme and in a new experiment. in this video you will see how Olga shit in jeans on the frosty and cold balcony. Olga opened the balcony beforehand to make it cold there. it’s freezing outside, so it didn’t take much time. She went out onto the balcony in jeans and a sweater. She took a cigarette and lit it. The balcony is not high, so she can be noticed and she is careful))) Olga smokes and shows off her clean jeans. Then she takes out her boobs and shows you and a little outside, and suddenly someone sees. This is the same little thing, the experimenter. then she shit and pissed into jeans while standing still smoking on the balcony, but when she took off her jeans to show you her dirty ass, then you can see the steam coming out of her shit. You video how warm shit soars? So, look at this video. Olga took off her jeans and the shit really floats, the steam comes from the warm shit and this is clearly visible on the camera. She did this and showed how in the cold warm shit emanates steam))) Even when she put on jeans and then took them off the second time, the shit still floated. Imagine how cold it was on the balcony, but our Olga is the best, she showed how beautiful it is. Don’t miss the opportunity to see it, buy and enjoy!
Shit hovers in the cold in jeans
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